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Marsala.it: editor sued by the mayor, Ms Adamo, once again

Mr Giacomo Di Girolamo was sued again. He is being asked €150’000 in compesnations. The comment of the lawyer, Mr Valerio Vartolo

The mayor of Marsala, Ms Giulia Adamo, supported by a centre-left majority, has sued the editor of Marsala.it and Rmc 101 Mr Giacomo Di Girolamo, asking a compensation for some €150’000.

This time the mayor has sued on her own the journalist from Marsala, who reports daily on local power facts, after having already sued him on behalf of the entire citizenship because, according to her, the he would have harmed the image of the city through his articles and investigations. The objects of the citation, however, are the same articles that had already been taken to court earlier.

COMMENT OF THE LAWYER, MR VARTOLO – “Aside from any legal analysis, that I shall reserve, as always, to the legal proceedings, the choices of Ms Adamo, both regarding the first citation on behalf of the City, and with respect to this initiative, hide, a profoundly illiberal view of Power, considering that in the most civilized countries he who holds elective office is careful in taking legal actions against the press, and whenever these occur they are immediately withdrawn. Unfortunately the story of Marsala.it epitomizes the state of freedom of information in Italy, especially with regard to the peripheries of the country”. These are the words of the lawyer, Mr Valerio Vartolo, defender of the journalist from Marsala.

The first hearing of the trial will be held on June 30th.

THE OTHER THREAT – In the same days, the journalist received an anonymous threat letter in which he is described as a “dog without a master”, and is invited to “watch out”. VV

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