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MP of the Democratic Party (PD) files a lawsuit against the journalists of Il Fatto Quotidiano

The Renzi-follower, Mr Ernesto Carbone, has filed a lawsuit against Mr Carlo Tecce and Mr Alessandro Ferrucci. In their article, they listed the “spending spree” of the parliamentarian

The Member of Parliament of the Democratic Party, Mr Ernesto Carbone, has sued Mr Carlo Tecce and Mr Alessandro Ferrucci from the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano for an article published on December 23rd titled “Carbone, restaurant bills always paid by the ministry” (Carbone, il conto a tavola lo paga sempre il ministero).

As Mr Tecce told Ossigeno: “I and my colleague, Ferrucci, denounced how the MP, in his former function as president and CEO of SIN Spa, a company linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, had spent 15 thousand euros in aperitifs, lunches and dinners, as well as overnight stays in hotels, without any justification. The news emerged from the copious correspondence resulting from the clash between Mr Carbone and the Board of SIN Spa.”

The first article was followed by a second one, published on January 10th, and titled “Fat bills at the restaurant for the Renzi-follower Carbone” (I conti (salati) al ristorante del renziano Carbone). “In the second article we even included some receipts from the restaurants where he had lunch and dinner”, Mr Tecce said.

In the same article of January 10th, it says “Mr Carbone had obtained a corporate credit card bypassing the council’s approval, as per regulation, and then spend freely, as is alleged in the proceedings of the Board. And there were public funds coming from Europe. SIN manages the 7.2 billion euros that are assigned annually to Italy by the CAP, the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union; SIN also manages SIAN (National Agricultural Information System), the mechanism by which the State identifies, controls and allocates the funds to be destined to the domestic farmers.”

“We contacted Mr Carbone by telephone before the publication of the second article, and he informed us that he was already suing. An information which, anyhow, I had already learned from the internet”, Mr Tecce said. The notification of lawsuit, however, has not arrived yet.

“I never expected for Mr Carbone to actually initiate a legal proceeding, since everything we have published has been more than well documented. We hold the documents on which we have relied to write this story”, says Mr Tecce.

As reported on the website of Mr Gad Lerner, Mr Carbone has objected to various inaccuracies, stressing that the most significant part of the article, the expense reporting, was wrong because the invoices relating to travels and accommodation were justified on an annual basis. Financial refunds were, moreover, “absolutely authorized”, as Mr Carbone said, contrary to what was stated by the journalists. RR

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