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Basilicata24.it: other death threats to Michael Finizio

The online magazine directed by Ms Giusy Cavallo continues to be targeted, this time with a message left in front of the newsroom doors

New episode of intimidation against the Lucan online newspaper basilicata24.it: on February 28th, under the rug in front of the door of the newsroom, someone had left a message containing death threats to the journalist Mr Michael Finizio, who had already received personal threats before. It was announced on the same evening by the director of the online newspaper, Ms Giusy Cavallo.

PAST THREATS – It was the end of January when Ms Cavallo decided, after submitting a complaint, to publish various intimidations received by the newspaper in the previous three months: “warnings” that were handed ​​in person, crosses drawn on cars, messages, and death threats.

This, unfortunately, has be going on. “We can not call the police for every cross that gets drawn. We have the feeling of appearing ridiculous and to disturb the police forces. But the last message forces us to report the incidents of these recent weeks”, Ms Cavallo wrote.


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