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Complaints. D’Alema wants 70 thousand euros from Lirio Abbate

The journalist announced on his Facebook profile that the former Prime Minister has taken a legal action against him

Mr Massimo D’Alema, a politician, former director of the daily L’Unità and former Prime Minister, has asked for 70 thousand euros in compensation damages to the journalist Mr Lirio Abbate from the weekly L’Espresso. The news was announced on the morning of January 26th directly through the Facebook profile page of the reporter.

As Mr Abbate recounts, “I wrote on L’Espresso about large agreements and large businesses, stemming from the High-Speed Train (TAV) of Florence and describing the behind-the-scenes that concerned Mr D’Alema, Mr Dell’Ultri, Mr Alfano and Ms Finocchiaro. Obviously, Mr Massimo D’Alema did not like it, even if everything I report is proven by documents, the politician turned to the civil judge (an established practice among the powerful), citing me in court.”

WHY – The unwelcome article was published in September 2013 and told of the relationships between the named politicians and some of the characters involved in the TAV of Florence investigation. According to the reconstruction of Mr Abbate, Mr Walter Bellomo, a Sicilian geologist also member of the Democratic Party and arrested by the Carabinieri, had tried to contact the former centre-left leader through Mr Roberto De Santis, “an entrepreneur considered to be very close to Mr Massimo D’Alema”, the journalist wrote.

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