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Defamation: Ms Michela Murgia announces lawsuit against the daily L’Unità

In an article, allegations were made regarding the funding by ship-owners in support for her candidacy to President of the Region of Sardinia

Ms Michela Murgia, a candidate to the presidency of the Region of Sardinia in the forthcoming elections of February 16th, has formally instructed her lawyers to file a complaint for defamation against the daily L’Unità and the journalist Mr Giacomo Mameli. The news came from a statement published on the Sardinia Possibile website, which is the communication tool of the electoral list in which the writer is presenting herself to voters.

As can be read from the statement, “the article published in recent days claims that the candidate for the office of President of the Region of Sardinia is being “sponsored” by shipowners operating in Sardinia. Ms Michela Murgia uses her public page on Facebook to dispel any doubt, writing a status that emphasizes the transparent management policies adopted by the coalition and announces the online publication of the list of all the donations received.”

The statement quotes Ms Michela Murgia’s post on Facebook: “Those who, for fear of political renewal at the next election, make these statements with the intent to defame us, will have to answer for them in court.”

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