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Puglia. Six journalists indicted for defamation

They are Ms Mara Chiarelli, Mr Nazareno Dinoi, Mr Gianni Lannes, Mr Massimiliano Scagliarini and, for failure to oversee, the directors Mr Ezio Mauro and Mr Marco De Marco

Six journalists were indicted, on February 25th, by the judge of the preliminary hearing of Lecce, Ms Cynthia Vergine, on charges of having insulted the reputation of the former prosecutor of Bari, Mr Antonio Laudati, who sued them.

The magistrate was in turn indicted for abuse of office against two of his former public prosecutors (Mr Giuseppe Scelsi and Ms Desirèe Digeronimo), as well as aiding and abetting Mr Gianpaolo Tarantini, and indirectly, Mr Silvio Berlusconi for having attempted to slow down the investigation into the escorts brought by Mr Tarantini to the residences of the then head of government.

On May 5th four reporters will have to present themselves to the Court of Lecce: Ms Mara Chiarelli, a journalist from Repubblica Bari; Mr Nazareno Dinoi from the Corriere del Mezzogiorno-Puglia; Mr Gianni Lannes, author of an article published on the online journal Costruendo l’Indro; and Mr Massimiliano Scagliarini from La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno; all stand accused of libel. While Mr Ezio Mauro, editor of La Repubblica and Mr Marco De Marco, former editor of the Corriere del Mezzogiorno, must respond to the failure to oversee the work of their colleagues.

A few days before the hearing, reaching her on the phone, Ms Mara Chiarelli told Ossigeno to not even remember which was the offending article. Mr Massimiliano Scagliarini instead took only a minute to send the incriminating page, believing that the preliminary judge could not have done anything but drop the prosecution. But all six journalists will have to demonstrate that they have worked and written only to inform the readers and citizens.


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