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Venezuela. Italian journalist arrested and released

Mr Gianfranco Di Giacomantonio (from Abruzzo24ore.tv), was stopped in Maracay while filming clashes between police and protesters

The journalist from the information website Abruzzo24ore.tv, Mr Gianfranco Di Giacomantonio, was arrested while filming a demonstration in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. The reporter was released a few hours later thanks to the intervention of the Italian consulate and set off towards his home in the country. This was announced on the evening of February 24th by the website from Abruzzo directed by the journalist’s son, Luca.

THE ARREST – “During the clashes between protesters and security forces, which occurred in the San Jacinto district of Maracay, he was taken by force, deprived of his equipment and taken to the police station”, where he spent “many hours in an office in the police constabulary without informing neither the consulate, nor his family, nor, for that matter, the newspaper”, Mr Luca Di Giacomantonio wrote.

“We were able to understand what was happening only a few hours later and through mutual friends and the tweets of the deputy to the National Assembly Mr Miguel Pizarro, and we were then able to activate the crisis unit and through the Italian consulate in Caracas and the honorary vice consul Dr. Mariella Petricone it was possible to find and give support to our correspondent” Mr Luca di Giacomantonio continued. His lawyer was then able “to clarify with the authorities the reporter’s reasons, allowing for his release”.

Mr Luca Di Giacomantonio defined the arrest “absolutely unjustified for an Italian journalist who was doing his job”.

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