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Basilicata24.it: new intimidation acts against the newsroom

The online newspaper from the Basilicata region is still the target of threats: two new episodes in just a few days. “It looks like a ‘tension strategy’” the editor said

A road map with a cross drawn on it and a bonfire lighted up besides thecar of the editor Ms Giusy Cavallo: these are the latet episodes of threats suffered by the staff of the online newspaper from Lucania Basilicata24.it, repeatedly targeted in the recent past by disturbing intimidations.

THE MAP – “On March 26th,” the editor tells Ossigeno, “we were supposed to attend an informal meeting with the former Minister for the Economic Development Mr Corrado Passera. Two days before, however, during the lunch break, we noticed on the windshield of the car of one of our chroniclers a road map with the highlighted route that we would have taken in order ​​to reach the meeting place. Halfway a cross was drawn.”

“We had a very bad impression, we felt under control”, Ms Cavallo says. “In the end we decided not to go to the meeting because it was going to be in the evening and we were afraid.”

THE BONFIRE – After a few days go by and yet another “warning” is sent: “on March 28th” Ms Cavallo says, “when I reached my car at the end of the day of work, I found by the car door a burning carton. I called the police, who intervened. The flames had risen far above the car’s height.”

“I think that if they wanted to blow up the car they would have done so. But they are just trying to frighten us. It seems to me that this is a sort of ‘tension strategy’” he adds.

Both incidents were reported to law enforcement agencies. “The police assured me that they are working on our case, on which we hope to shed slight soon enough” the journalist said, who in January decided to make public several episodes of intimidation received from the news outlet in the previous three months: verbal threats made ​​in person, crosses drawn on the car, written messages and death threats.


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