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Defamation. Formia. Public prosecutor calls for filing lawsuit against Furlan

The journalist who runs the site h24notizie.com was denounced by the mayor Mr Sandro Bartolomeo

The Prosecutor’s Office of Cassino (in the Frosinone province) has, last January 17th, requested the filing of the aggravated defamation lawsuit presented in November 2013 by the mayor of Formia (in the Latina province), Mr Sandro Bartolomeo, against the journalist Mr Francesco Furlan. The latter announced it on his blog h24notizie.it.

The first citizen feels offended by some of the articles that refer to his alleged involvement in graft probes.

In the document that Deputy Prosecutor Ms Barbara Affinita sent to the judge for the preliminary investigations, it is stated that “the journalist reported real news of social interest” and that what has been written, “falls within the exercise of the freedom of information.”


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