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Former mayor of Pescara threatens lawsuit to the daily “Il Fatto Quotidiano”

Luciano D’Alfonso has described as “pornographic reading of the legal proceedings” an article of February 26th on the judicial events that affected him

The former mayor of Pescara Mr Luciano D’Alfonso, a candidate of the governing left-wing Democratic Party (PD) for President of the Abruzzo region in next May’s elections, said he was ready to file a lawsuit against the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano for an article published on February 26th and signed by Mr Francesco Ridolfi. “I am calm – the journalist says – for I haven’t yet received any notification. My article, however, is based solely on the court proceedings.”

The report service titled “D’Alfonso and politics: everything for free and cash only” (D’Alfonso e politica: tutto a scrocco e solo in contanti) recounts the legal case that involved the mayor since when, in December 15th, 2008, after six months in office, he was arrested due to his involvement in the “Housework” investigation. Despite the acquittal in the first degree – for not having committed the crime – for the politician the case may not yet be closed: Mr Ridolfi in his article did point out the allegations that the public prosecutor Mr Gennaro Varone presented in the recourse of appeal.

As the journalist explains, what has hit the mark, specifically, was the reference to the fact that from the politician’s bank accounts not one euro has been spent for years. According to the prosecution, then, this proves that Mr D’Alfonso and his family were spending in cash the proceeds from bribes obtained in an era of “permanent corruption”.

Mr D’Alfonso has called a press conference the day after the publication of the article on the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano to contradict Ridolfi’s report. As the former mayor explained: “I have been silent for years, but now is the time to speak: I have been dragged into nine trials, but I have always been acquitted. I will not accept injuries to my image and my name. The article that appeared in yesterday’s paper is a pornographic interpretation of the court proceedings. There is only one point of view. With the compensation from damages I will give way to public works.”

“D’Alfonso has not asked us to correct any information contained in the article”, Mr Ridolfi told Ossigeno. “He called this press conference directly to announce a lawsuit against me. After writing the report, I called to inform him of what was going to be published and I asked him if he had something to say, but he did not. I haven’t heard from him since.”


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