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Imperia: Mayor’s secretary prevents access to journalists

No admittance to a meeting between Tradeco unions, environment commissioner of the Liguria region and the mayor. “It is not the first time that it happens” was the complaint voiced by Imperia Post

“We have not been allowed to document the meeting between the workers’ delegation of Tradeco, the environment commissioner of the Liguria region Ms Renata Briano and the Mayor of the city of Imperia Mr Carlo Capacci, impeding us from exercising our right to report”. With these words, Mr Gabriel Piccardo, a journalist for the daily Imperia Post, denounced to Ossigeno what happened in Imperia on March 6th. As he explains, “I and other colleagues from Riviera24, Il Secolo XIX and Imperia TV were in front of the city council hall together with the workers of Tradeco, the company responsible for the waste management of the city, which were on strike for not receiving payments. We were waiting together for the mayor and the commissioner.”

“Upon arrival, a delegation of protesters and trade unionists was allowed to access the conference room, and so we followed so as to document the meeting” he says. “We requested access to the room, as per usual, even just to take a picture at the negotiating table, but Mr Capacci’s secretary, Ms Lorella Arnaldi, has prevented us from doing so, probably under the mayor’s directive” Mr Piccardo continues. “Not only did she respond rudely, but she physically blocked the room’s doors and sent us away” he adds.

“This was not the first time that the same secretary prevented us from attending a meeting. It has already happened before” Mr Piccardo says. “I think it is an unacceptable attitude moreover detrimental to the freedom of the press. To attend the meeting, at a crucial moment not only for the workers but also for the city of Imperia, which is currently overrun by garbage, is an absolute right for us information operators” the journalist concluded.


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