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“L’Ora della Calabria”: editor sues printer

Mr Luciano Regolo cites for defamation Mr Umberto De Rose. “I did not participate to any ‘conspiracy’, nor organized ‘media orgies’,” he says

The editor of the daily L’Ora di Calabria, Mr Luciano Regolo, has sued for defamation the contractor who prints his newspaper, Mr Umberto De Rose, for some statements released in an interview. This is just the latest episode relative to a complaint made ​​by the journalist on an attempt to censor the news about the investigation and prosecution of Mr Andrea Gentile, son of the senator from the New Centre Right party (Nuovo Centro Destra, NCD) Antonio, who has resigned.

“I have given mandate to sue Mr Umberto De Rose for defamation for what he told La Repubblica”, Mr Regolo announced on March 5th, the same day that the interview, conducted by Ms Conchita Sannino, was published in the newspaper as well as in the online version of the daily.

“I did not participate to any ‘conspiracy’, nor organized ‘media orgies’. His words, besides being grotesques, are seriously damaging to my honour and my personal and professional dignity” Mr Regolo said.


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