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L’Ora della Calabria. Liquidator shuts down newspaper and website

The publications of the newspaper have stopped. In February, the episode of the block of the printing press is still unclear. The Order of Journalists: “Disconcerting: violation of trade union rights”

After the complaint, in February, against the pressures to not refer in an article to the son of senator Antonio Gentile, and to the block of the printing presses on the same day (an episode that is under investigation by the judiciary), now the newspaper L’Ora della Calabria is closing. The publications have been halted, even that of the website. This was decided by the liquidator of the news outlet, who had for a long time been in financial difficulties.

“In response to the legitimate and reasoned decision by the Newsroom committee and the Union of Journalists to proclaim a three-day strike, the liquidator of the publishing company has announced yesterday via e-mail to the editor and directors of the cessation of publications also extended to the website of the newspaper, readily obscured. The reasons given are objectively fragile, especially when one considers what was communicated to the editor and dirctors only 24 hours before, where the liquidator had, always by e-mail, “calmed” everyone for the imminent payment of the outstanding arrears” is what Mr Giuseppe Soluri, President of the Order of Journalists of Calabria, wrote in a note.

“As has been correctly pointed out by the editor Mr Luciano Regolo, with yesterday’s decision violates the sacred right of the journalists of L’Ora della Calabria to activate all the trade union initiatives provided by the law with respect to breaches of the publishing company and to safeguard their professional autonomy. It will be the Trade union, as always, to give, where relevant, all the appropriate responses to the unexpectedly strong and sudden decision of the publishing company”, Mr Soluri added.

As the statement concludes “the Order of Journalists of Calabria is disconcerted about what happened: it is a new disturbing episode that calls into question the freedom of the press and emphasizes the archaic vision of a dominant master that still thrives in certain areas of the entrepreneurial sector of Calabria. We stand close by the editor Regolo, the newsroom and all the collaborators of L’Ora della Calabria and we invite them to continue their struggle for freedom. A struggle that is to all a battle of non-negotiable principles and values ​​that will be able to placate any attempt of intimidation or retaliation”.


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