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Milan. Bullets and threats to journalists and politicians

Discovered in the Roserio sorting centre. They were addressed to some senators and Mr Franco di Mare and Mr Gerardo Greco (Rai)

Two bullets and two letters signed “New Italian brigades” (Nuove brigate italiane) containing threats to journalists and politicians have been intercepted on March 4th in the sorting centre of Poste Italiane in the Milan district of Roserio. The newspaper Il Giorno in the pages of the Milan edition of March 6th and in the online version recounted the facts. Police are investigating to trace the sender.

In the article by Ms Giulia Bonezzi it is possible to read that the contents of the letters (which also displayed a drawing of a five-pointed star, historical symbol of the Red Brigades, Brigate Rosse) consists of “delusional and grammatically incorrect death threats” to some politicians (the former deputies of the 5-star Movement and Mr Stefano Dambruoso of Civic Choice, Scelta Civica) and the journalists Mr Franco Di Mare (La vita in diretta) and Mr Gerardo Greco (Agorà) .

One of the envelopes was addressed to Parliament: in the text, on top of Mr Dambruoso, references are made to the Senators Mr Lorenzo Battista, Mr Luis Orellana, Ms Paola De Pin, Mr Francesco Campanella and Mr Fabrizio Bocchino.

In another envelope, addressed to Rai, the two journalists are accused of being “in collusion with the PD and the PDL.”

In the same sorting centre, on March 5th, another threatening letter was discovered containing a bullet, addressed to the President of the Chamber of Deputies Ms Laura Boldrini.


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