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Magenta. The Car of the journalist Ester Castano is damaged

The journalist had moderated a meeting of the ANPI and then went to a concert in an anti-fascist club. She found a window broken with a bar

The night of Wednesday, April 30th, the car of the journalist Ester Castano was damaged in Magenta, near Milan, in a parking lot near the entrance of a well-known club of anti-fascist activists. A few hours before, the reporter had participated as a moderator at an anti-mafia conference at the ANPI club of Inveruno. Inside the car, there were clearly visible a bunch of flowers and some posters of the National Association of Italian Partisans (ANPI). The attackers destroyed a window by hitting it with a crowbar.

“Around midnight, after the ANPI meeting – Ms Castano refers to Ossigeno – I went to the Ideal club in Magenta to attend a concert. I left the car a few steps away from the entrance of the club. At one o’clock at night I went to pick up the car and found the broken window.”

Ester Castano is a reporter who has become well-known due to the unfounded complaints advanced by the former mayor of Sedriano (near Milan), Mr Alfredo Celeste, and archived by the court a year after, because of her daily coverage of events in the weekly Alto Milanese. A case which has been extensively covered by Ossigeno (READ).

The reporter believes that her car was not targeted because of her journalistic activities, but rather for her being an anti-fascist. Maybe the car glass was smashed because of the ANPI flyers. “I hope they didn’t know who the car was of, although some friends told me that it can not be a coincidence. Here we feel a tense climate. Two days ago – as Ms Castano explains – a glass monument dedicated to a Jewish family was destroyed. In any case, if they wanted to scare me off, they have failed. I will never be scared today and I will make a complaint to the police.”

According to the journalist, “Magenta is a victim of neo-fascist activism. In February, another car had already been damaged while parked outside the Ideal. The city was plastered with posters in the past few days for the parade in Milan that occurred yesterday (29/04, in memory of Sergio Ramelli). I can almost say that April 25th is the day of liberation from fascism, while the 29th is a day of celebration for the fascists.”


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