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Pompeii. Journalist and crew of Servizio Pubblico attacked and threatened

Mr Luca Bertazzoni was threatened by the owner of an abusive venue in Pompeii on April 25th. “I did not expect such a reaction” he said

The journalist Mr Luca Bertazzoni has been attacked and threatened, along with the crew of Servizio Pubblico, by the owner of an illegal restaurant near Pompeii (near Naples). It happened on April, 25th (WATCH THE VIDEO).

Sent to Pompeii to document the degradation, prostitution, and the opening of a restaurant that does not comply with the law, the reporter went to visit the venue. When the owner, Mr Giuseppe Malafronte, approached him and handed him the menu, Bertazzoni objected that the room had been illegally extended, as established by the TAR (regional administrative court). The restaurateur denied it and walked away.

The reporter followed him to the entrance of the restaurant, where Mr Malafronte asked him to wait outside and instructed a man to “entertain” the reporter and the crew. A few seconds later, the restaurant-owner came out lunging at the camera, and hitting it while threatening to kill the reporter. “You must go away, otherwise I’ll make you bleed, and you, I’ll cut your head off!” After a while the journalist and crew were surrounded by other people, among them also the father of the owner of the restaurant.

“I did not expect such a reaction like this”, Mr Bertazzoni told Ossigeno. “It is hard to see from the video, but the father of the restaurateur gave me two blows on the neck. As we were walking away, two men followed us in the car for about three hundred yards threating us to hand over the camera and the tape recording, otherwise they would smash it. But we were able to leave without giving them anything.”


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