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Bribes in Mose case. Anas files lawsuit against Baita and six newspapers

The CEO of the company feels defamed by an interview with the former manager of the Mantovani company published on L’Espresso

Mr PietroCiucci, the CEO of ANAS, the company that manages the Italian road network, on June 16th announced a lawsuit againstMr PiergiorgioBaita, the former manager of Mantovani, a company involved in the investigation on the bribes paid around the mobile barriers system MOSE in Venice, for an interview appeared onL’Espresso. At the same time ANAS has sued the L’Espresso and five other newspapers that have taken up the content of the interview in other articles.
The other newspapers sued, Mr Ciucci announced through his lawyer Mr DanieleRipamonti, are: Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Gazzettino, Nuova Venezia, Mattino di Padova, Tribuna di Treviso andLa Notizia.

According to the Mr Ciucci’slawyer, the statements made by Mr Baita are defamatory because they “foreshadow unlawfulness in the procedures followed for the award of contracts for inspection of the MOSE System conferred to Dr.Ciucci.”

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