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Bribes. Mayor Tosi files complaint against L’Espresso for slander

The weekly reported that the Milan prosecutors are investigating funding to the Northern League Party, and that the former treasurer of the party accused the mayor of Verona

The Mayor of Verona, Mr FlavioTosi, announced that he had instructed his lawyers to “denounce for slander Mr Francesco Belsito, former cashier of the Northern League, the publishing group L’Espresso and all those who, investigators or not, have permitted the disclosure of slanderous news, without a shred of evidence against me.”

The Northern League mayor did not like an article published on June 13th on L’Espresso (a preview of which was published on-line), which reported on the Milan prosecutors investigating a bribe racket worth over ten million euros, including some big companies and the Northern League.

“The former cashier FrancescoBelsito and his adviser StefanoBonet – writes L’Espresso – have accused the leaders of the Northern League in the Veneto region, and in particular the Mayor of Verona, FlavioTosi, and the former mayor of Treviso, Giancarlo Gobbo, to have, in the least, endorsed a system of parallel and exclusive financing: a racketof crooks and former parliamentary members of the League.”

“The mud machine,–Mr Tosi commented– built on false and unverified rumours, and based on indiscretions like‘the name of … popped up’, continues in its action without anyone intervening to protect the integrity of the citizens’ honour.”

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