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Camorra. After 16 years former boss admits threats to journalist

Mr Antonio Iovine was acquitted along with Mr Michele Zagaria for that episode. The comment by Mr Carlo Pascarella: I had a recording, but they did not believe me

Antonio Iovine has admitted that in 1998, together with Michele Zagaria, threatened the journalist Carlo Pascarella on the phone, who at the time was a reporter for the Corriere di Caserta. Mr Iovine, former head of the Casalesi clan, has confessed after sixteen years to the magistrates of the anti-Mafia Directorate of Naples, following his recent decision to collaborate with justice. For that episode he had been tried and acquitted.

In some articles Mr Pascarella had written that the arrest of Francesco Schiavone, also knon as “Sandokan”, had opened between Zagaria and Iovine a struggle for the succession to the leadership of the Camorra clan: a struggle that could have lead to a split of the criminal group or a war between the different factions. Zagaria and Iovine were fugitives. After reading the news, they telephoned Pascarella (LISTEN). “You are not a serious journalist”, Zagaria said. “We are tired of this crap. From tomorrow morning, you are not going to write anymore”, Iovine intimated to the reporter, adding that this was a suggestion and not a threat.

Mr Carlo Pascarella has said to be satisfied by the belated admission of Antonio Iovine. He said he immediately denounced the threats, but the trial began many years later, only following his publication of the recordings in major TV programs with vast audiences. He was heard by investigators only in 2014. His accusations were not considered credible. At trial, the two bosses denied, minimized, and were acquitted.

“For many years – Pascarella said in an interview with Il Tempo – the Police and Carabinieri have watched day and night over my house. I will never thank them enough for that.” He added that in those years her sister’s store was set on fire, and that in spite of everything he was never given proper protection. Why? According to him, it was because he was politically aligned with the centre-right.

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