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Campania. Journalist insulted while moderating debate

Mr Francesco De Rosa was interviewing the candidates for mayor of St. Anastasia (in the province of Naples). The attack after a question about the court case of the former mayor

The journalist Mr Francesco De Rosa was, on May 15th, insulted during a public pre-election debate in the City of St. Anastasia (near Naples) for asking the candidate for mayor Mr Raffaele Abete, nephew of former Mayor Carmine Esposito, what position would he take if his uncle were to be convicted, having been arrested in December 2013 for allegedly pocketing a bribe from a businessman. De Rosa was the host and moderator of the confrontation.

“To attack me first, was the brother of the former mayor, Mr Mario Esposito, who was then asked to leave by his nephew, Mr Abete”, De Rosa told Ossigeno. Mr De Rosa was editor of the magazine Il Cittadino and owner of the publishing house Neamedia.

The episode shows the spreading of a climate of intolerance against journalists. “I have been organizing public confrontations between the candidates for mayor for nearly two decades – De Rosa says – and nothing similar had ever happened to me”.

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