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Defamation. A Twelve-year trial, and it still isn’t over

The four journalists acquitted in the first and second degree for articles published in 2002 on Panorama will probably have to go before the Supreme Court

How long does it last in Italy a trial for libel?

Usually, a very long time. For example, it began twelve years ago now and it still hasn’t finished the trial against the journalists Paolo Chiariello, Giuliano Ferrara, Augusto Minzolini and Carlo Rossella, accused of libel by three magistrates for some articles published on Panorama.

The journalists have already been acquitted in the first instance and second degree, but before writing the final word of this odyssey there is likely a higher degree of judgment, by the Court of Cassation, which they will have to go through. The contested articles were published on May 9th, 2002. On 22 May 2006 the Court of Rome acquitted the journalists. On May 5th, 2014 the judgment has been filed in conformity with the First Civil Division of the Court of Appeal.

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