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Drugs in Perugia. City Council may file complaint against Announo

To be indicted is a video on drug dealing in the town. Wladimiro Boccali, the non-re-elected mayor, speaks of “media pillory”. Lawyers are evaluating a legal action

The lawyers of the City Council of Perugia are considering whether to sue Announo, the TV show byServizioPubblico, for the article ‘Heroine in Perugia’ aired on May 29th on LA7 and defined as “criminal” by the former commissioner of Culture for the City Council, Mr Andrea Cernicchi.

“I will verify all possible actions to defend the city”, the Mayor Mr Wladimiro Boccali said, the incumbent nominee of the centre-left parties and not re-elected in the runoff on Sunday, June 8th. According to Boccali, the article by Ms Giulia Cerino, which speaks of the distribution of drugs in the streets of Perugia, is a form of “disgrace and media pillory”.

The article has been much criticized in town. Some argue that it has addressed the issue without delving deep into it, while others consider it a partisan choice to have airedit just a few days before the ballot vote for the mayor’selection.


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