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Florence. “Go away or I’ll cut your throat”. Threats to reporter from La Repubblica

Mario Neri was chased away with these words and was shown a knife from the Roma camp in Peretola

“Go away or I’ll cut your throat.” Is the threat received byMr Mario Neri, journalist for the Florentine edition of La Repubblica, from a boy who, while waiving a penknife, chased him from an abusive Roma camp created a few months ago in the suburb of Peretola, a stone’s throw away from the airport and from the highway, on private land whose owners seek eviction: one of the problems that challenge the new mayor Mr Dario Nardella.

The menacing phrase appears in the report that Mr Neri wrote on June 7th. The reporter, who also collaborates with Il Tirreno, tells Ossigenothat the inhabitants of the camp noticed him as soon as he passed the entrance gate. Some guys surrounded him and ordered him to leave. “What do you want, go away”, one of them told him while another pushed him and ordered to delete photos and videos. The reporter continued to ask questions until a bloke showed him the penknife and escorted him outside, while menacing him not to show himself around anymore.


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