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Gela. Battle of complaints on pollution from refinery

An environmental association asked five million euros in damage reparations to ENI, which in turn asked for one million euros in damage reparations to the contracted entrepreneur who manages it

Afterhaving reported a few months ago through a Facebook post on the pollution caused by the refinery of Gela (in the province of Caltanissetta), the entrepreneur and environmentalist Mr David Melfa has been sued by the directors of the ENIplant, asking one million euros in damage compensation for defamation and injury to the image. The citation, datedApril16th, was notified to Melfa on June 5th.

“I said that the refinery’s pollution has created an environmental disaster, the petrochemicals and the pet coke are a cause of death, disease and birth defects, and that the environmental costs caused by ENI are very high”, Melfasaid in a statement, and calls ENI’s legal action “staggering and unprecedented”.

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