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Milan. Journalist films strike, taxi drivers insult him

Mr Tiziano Scolari of Repubblica TV was filming the protests against an abusive driver. He was briskly dismissed. The video on the site of the newspaper

The journalist from Repubblica TV Mr Tiziano Scolari was insulted and turned away rudely from near the Central Station of Milan, where, on Monday 19th May, he was filming with a camera the protest of taxi drivers in strike against Uber, the online company that competes with the taxi service by offering car rentals with driver included.

Mr Scolari was filming the scene of an abusive taxi driver who was being escorted away by the police amid protests by colleagues with a regular license. The video, later published on La Repubblica TV (WATCH) shows the pursuers realize that the journalist was filming, and began insulting him (“Go away, you piece of sh …”) making him go away.

“I was in the public square for more than an hour filming without hiding. I think – Scolari told Ossigeno – that those who do something in a public square, and in this case something that puts him in a bad light, can not expect not to be filmed.”

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