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Calabria. In the city of Paola, car of a reporter burned

Guido Scarpino works for the new newspaper Il Garantista. It is an act of intimidation. Also another car was in flames. Solidarity from Soluri and Sansonetti

On the night of June 17th the car of the journalist Mr Guido Scarpino was burned. It happened in Paola, in the province of Cosenza. The police have found traces of flammable liquid on the carcass of the car, which was completely destroyed by the flames. The fire also destroyed another car parked nearby, owned by a social health worker from of the local ASL (local public health office). At the moment there are no other elements, but the intention to intimidate seems clear.

Scarpino has long worked for a long time for the daily L’Ora di Calabria, the newspaper that recently suspended publications. The newspaper was first knownasCalabriaOra. The editor was Mr PieroSansonetti, who is now editor ofIlGarantista, the newspaper just arrived on newsstands for whomScarpino works.

As the editor of Il Garantista comments to Ossigeno: “I do not know if there is a connection with the release of our newspaper, but it Scarpino was certainly hit because of his biography and his work in Calabria. Paola is one of the areas in the province of Cosenza where the ‘Ndrangheta is very strong, and those of us who work independently are not liked by the underworld.”

The President of the Order of Journalists of Calabria, Mr Giuseppe Soluri, considers the incident as a serious act of intimidation. “The fact is symptomatic of the conditions of difficulty and even danger in which many colleagues are forced to operate in our region”, he said, expressing solidarity with Scarpino.


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