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Padova Calcio under investigation, announces complaints against newspapers

It is forbidden to speak about the incident for which the management is under investigationdue to obstruction of supervision. The club is in danger of bankruptcy within a few days

The football club of Padua hasannounced complaints through a statement, warning the local press to avoid publishing news that it considers “false, misleading and defamatory on situations relating to the Team and club, its shareholders, partners and employees.” Behind the note a few lines long, released on June 21st, there is a complex story that began over a year ago, which has led the club to the brink of bankruptcy and the prosecutor of Padua to investigate Mr Diego Penocchio and Mr Andrea Valentini, president and CEO respectively of thePadovaCalcio, for the crime of obstruction of the supervisory authorities.

“The Padovaclub – the reporter from the daily Il Mattino StefanoEdelwrote – is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company has warned us, but we continue to do our job. The Prosecutor’s Office is conducting a very important survey and we must give an account to citizens.”

The company, just relegated from Serie B to the Lega Pro, apparently has a deficit that nears the ten million euros: the bankruptcy could materialize in the coming days. By June 25th, Mr Penocchio has to pay back wages to players and staff, in order to avoid a penalty in the standings for next season. On the same day a hearing will be held in which the attorneys of MrPenocchioand Mr Valentiniwill ask for the restitution of the material seized during raids on June 5th, as arranged by the prosecutor Mr Benedetto Roberti. By the end of the month the owner of the Padova team must find the money to register the club in the championship and a bank guarantee of €600’000that will be able to back the soundness of the PadovaCalcio. Otherwise, there is the danger of bankruptcy.

The Club would like that the local press did not speak about the whole affair. In particular, the club’s statement was addressed to the daily Il Mattinodi Padova, Il Gazzettino, IlCorriere del Veneto, and to the online newspapersPadovagoaland Padovasport.

“A year ago –Edel recounts – the company changed ownership. After ten years, the family Cestaro, head of the retail giant Unicomm, ceded the club to the entrepreneur from Brescia Diego Penocchio, who become raised his position to 100% of the ownership only in January 2014. The agreements between him and the Cestarofamily seemed unclear, and indeed, last April, the prosecutor in Padua and the Guardia di Finanza have started to investigate.”

On June 5ththere have been searches by fifty men of the Guardia di Finanzain the offices of several companies. “From the investigation of the Prosecutor’s office – says Edel – it turns out,among other things, that Penocchio, in violation of the rules, still holds 5% of the Parma Football club, that Unicommlast year left a €6 million hole, and that Penocchio this year leaves one of €3.7 million.”


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