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Salerno Mayor: journalists are “lying buffoons”. Mr Iacopino: apologies are in order

Vincenzo De Luca has insulted the local reporters, who inquired about the judicial investigations in which he and his son are involved. It is not the first time that the mayor attacks the press

Journalists are “lying buffoons”, and therefore it is better to buy “zeppole” (i.e. a local sweet pasty) instead of the newspapers that write “bullshit just to sell a few more copies.” This was the message of the mayor of Salerno, Mr Vincenzo De Luca, during the episode of June 20th of SalernoCittàEuropea, a show aired on the local LiraTV every Friday, and in which the mayor speaks to the citizenry directly.

In the past, De Luca already insulted journalists who criticized some of his initiatives. This time he commented articles on two events that the newspapers had picked up in previous days. One concerns the IFIL investigation, in which the mayor and his son Piero are involved, while the other concerns the statements by the Councillor for Mobility of the City, Mr Luca Cascone, who, with a post on Facebook, hinted that De Luca would have included him in the lists for the upcoming regional elections (the mayor is a candidate to govern the region).

The President of the Order of Journalists, MrEnzoIacopino, wrote on his Facebook page that De Luca defines the journalists of Salerno as “lying buffoons”“because local news devote more attention than national headlines on the political and legal issues that affect the reality of the city and its leaders, including some family members of the mayor himself. In other periods, for which De Luca should feel nostalgic – Iacopinoadded – there were those who established what and how much space newspapers were supposed to give to news. I think that De Luca should apologize.”


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