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Spoleto. The three articles of Tuttoggi.info obscured once again

They concern the wiretapping scandal of the BPS. The Supreme Court has upheld the appeal of the Prosecutor. Tug has been going on for ten months.The bitterness of the Director

It was possible to read before. Then theywere blacked out. And then they were visible again. Now, the three articles of the online magazine Tuttoggi.info, published in August 2013 and that relate to the contents of interceptions made ​​during the judicial investigation on BancaPopolare di Spoleto, overwhelmed by a financial collapse and placed under compulsory administration by the Bank of Italy, have been obscured once more. The Supreme Court ordered the new obscuring on June 26th. The three articles are the object of a severe legal battle that has been going on for ten months.

“We are shocked and disheartened”,CarloCerasoof Tuttoggi.infosaid. “This order (that) gags the press, in a way that not even the most obscurantist bills that politicians have repeatedly tried to pass. This morning, the state police proceeded to notify the measure to which we immediately complied by removing the three articles from the internet. We look forward to read the reasons”, the editor writes.

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