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Veneto. Fabio Fioravanzi complains of other death threats

The journalist of Antenna 3 this time has received an anonymous phone call. He cannot explain why. The reasons behind the intimidating gestures remain unknown

It never seems to end the long series of threats and warnings that have hit Fabio Fioravanzi, a journalist of Antenna 3 and TeleAltoVeneto. The latest threat is from a few days ago. On the evening of June 27th, near his home in Loreggia, in the province of Padua, he received a phone call that began with a series of violent insults and ended with an explicit threat of death. Mr Fioravanzidid not hesitate to notify the Police who have placed him under supervision for a few days.

The journalist has been the subject of repeated threats and warnings for some time. Ossigeno has already talked about it last year. Today,Fioravanziis beginning to feel the weight of the intimidations and fears isolation. “I do not know who is doing this, nor what I might have done”. In my shows – he says – I take care of everything: news, crime, politics; I just can not identify the cause of the attacks against me.”

Fioravanziis bitter because in facing of a long series of threats and warnings, including the discovery of five cartridges in front of his house, not always his complaints have been successful. “The police had identified one of my previous persecutors, but the prosecutor of Treviso closed the case as non-relevant even though it considered that the author of the gestures, a septuagenarian, was an aware and skilled person. I do not wish for some lunatic to gain strength because of this inertia.”

In the last phone call, the journalist raises a number of questions: “Who called me triggered the mode which covers the identity of the caller. This element, already, does not seem like the work of a madman, but of an awake and attentive mind.”

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