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Download Ossigeno Method of monitoring intimidations against journalists

The manual on the procedure created in Italy by Ossigeno per l’Informazione that allowed to enlight thousands of threats and abuses not covered by media outlets

New lens to see the hidden censorhip. Download for free the e-book  that explain how and where can be appied  the “Ossigeno Method of Monitoring”. The handbook is published in English, French and Italian

The Oxygen Method can reveal what happens in the European countries in which new forms of censorship are spreading in spite of all the laws in favor of press freedom. The monitoring method created in Italy by the NGO Observatory Ossigeno per l’Informazione allows to keep under observation the threats and intimidations against journalists and other media workers: these abuses  in Italy are numerous and frequent, and them enact an improper form of censorship that is hard to detected with the naked eye. Applied in Italy from 2006 to 2014, this method has allowed to gather and publish the names of over two thousand media workers, mostly journalists, affected by threats, intimidation and abuse. The findings debunk the common belief according to which intimidations of journalists in Italy are a marginal phenomenon.

The Oxygen Method can also reveal what happens in other European countries. This manual explains how to apply it, and provides practical examples. It also presents the new project prepared by the European institutions for the creation of an international network for early warning and rapid response against the most serious violations of the freedom of press and of expression. The manual was produced as part of the project “Safety Net for European Journalists” coordinated by the Osservatorio Balcani-Caucaso and supported by the European Commission. The English version was produced with the support of the office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Press.

The e-book The new lenses against censorship shows in detail the method of monitoring developed by Ossigeno and experienced in Italy, and its results. The manual provides answers to the main questions posed by those who want to observe such an elusive phenomenon: how to collect the information, how to verify and classify this data, why and how to make the intimidation public, what resources are needed, how to involve the threatened journalists and the organizations of journalists. In addition, the e-book exposes the problems that still need to be explored.

To develop this proposal Ossigeno will promote conferences and meetings in several Western European countries. To fulfill this plan Ossigeno requests the collaboration of organizations that care about the active defense of the freedom of information and expression.

Download the e-book in English:

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