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Calabria. Emiliano Morrone finds car windshield broken

It happened in San Giovanni in Fiore (in the province of Cosenza) where the journalist and blogger had just denounced mafia infiltration. Candlelight walk torugh the town for solidarity

The windshield was neatly cut in broad daylight, but no one saw, no one heard. EmilianoMorrone, 38 years old, journalist and blogger, in such a condition has found his car in the late morning of August 17, in San Giovanni in Fiore, in the province of Cosenza, his hometown. Morrone has denounced the damage and posted on Facebook a photo of his car, showing the relation between the damage and his intense reporting activity.

“It is not the first time I get picked on”: this was the first comment from the journalist, who is active on several sites including Il FattoQuotidiano, L’infiltrato.it,La Voce di Fiore, emigrati.it. A few days earlier, on August 13, Morrone had organized an open debate in the town centre along with Assotutela. A debate in which, according to the view of the participants, the inefficiencies of the municipal administration and the dangers of criminal infiltration were denounced.


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