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Lampedusa. Shipwreck commemoration, TG2 crew insulted

The cameraman Ninni Farina and the journalist Valerio Cataldi have been verbally assaulted. Apparently because the reporter said that there were delays in the rescue operations during the tragedy of October 3, 2013 in which 368 people lost their lives

The envoy of the TG2 Valerio Cataldi and the cameraman Ninni Farina have been victims “of verbal abuse and threats” while walking in a street in the center of Lampedusa on Saturday, October 4.

The fact was denounced in a statement from the editorial board of the TV news broadcaster and the RAI union of journalists (UsigRai). They were verbally attacked by a group of people, among whom were also some of the rescuers of the sinking of October 3, 2013 in which 368 migrants lost their lives.

The day before, the set of the live edition of the 1 o’clock news of the broadcaster had been occupied in protest by some people, thus preventing a connection.

The journalist has been disputed – the news agency ANSA reported – because in his report about the wreck of a year ago, there were delays in the rescue operations by the Coast Guard.

Cataldi has reported the incident to the police. The reporter – one of the promoters of the Committee October 3, set up to commemorate the tragedy at sea from a year ago – has also produced a documentary titled La Neve (The Snow), where for the first time the tragedy from a year ago has been recounted through the stories of four survivors, following them from Lampedusa to the European countries where they went to live.

The people who attacked him would be the same that on the same day protested against the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, who went to the island to commemorate the sinking.


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