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Naples. Reporter and video reporter attacked by agent

On August 14, demonstration against Renzi at the City of Sciences. Journalist and camerman report the event. Police throws camera on the ground wiping out the video

They were filming the police charges during a protest a few hundred meters away from the City of Sciences, in Bagnoli (Naples), when an undercover policeman snatched the camera from them, seized it and threw it on the ground ordering to erase the recording.

It happened on August 14 to Emiliano Esposito, chief editor of ePressonline.net and collaborator of NapoliToday.it, and the cameraman Diego Civitillo, during the visit of President of the Council, MatteoRenzi, at the museum now being rebuilt (it had been partially destroyed by arson in March 2013).

The video was lost the moment the camera, touching the ground, was turned off and the recording was interrupted. The agent returned the equipment only when Esposito showed the journalist id card, which the cop photographed to identify the reporter.


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