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Pavia. Entrepreneur threatened two journalists: “We need to eliminate them”

The builder talked with former Deputy Mayor Mr Filippi. The phrases emerged from a judicial phone tapping. A private investigator was hired to follow them

“We’ll make them fell it, the fear. We need to eliminate these people physically.” “I don’t care about the lawsuit anymore, but I’ll smash this guy’s face”. These are the sentences spoken over the phone against two journalists (a reporter of the newspaper La Provincia Pavese, whose name was not made known, and the freelance journalist Giovanni Giovannetti) by Dario Maestri, entrepreneur from Pavia, phone tapped between the end of 2011 and early 2012 during an investigation by the city attorney.

Moreover, the employer had hired a private investigator to tail the two reporters who wrote articles about his business realtive to the construction of university halls of residence. The construction yard was seized by the Magistrate. Maestri wanted to know from the investigator the movements of the journalists so as to track them down and ask them about the articles they wrote. The whole affair was made public by the newspaper La Provincia Pavese on September 14th.


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