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“Pomeriggio5.” Journalist and cameraman assaulted in Govone (Cuneo province)

The reporter struck with an object by the husband of a missing woman, who broke the operator’s camera and the reporter’s tablet

She was attacked and beaten by a man to whom she wanted to ask a few questions about his wife, who has been missing for nine months. Laura Magli, journalist for the TV show Pomeriggio5, on September 14 was with a cameraman in Govone, in the province of Cuneo, in front of the house of the parents of Elena Ceste. He was waiting for the woman’s husband, Michele Buoninconti. When the man saw the reporter and the cameraman, he assaulted them: he first broke the camera by throwing it to the ground, then hit Ms Magli with a wooden object. The journalist reported bruises to the leg and to the left arm, deemed to be fully healed within three days. Moreover, Buoninconti also destroyed the reporter’s tablet.

Magli – which is still deciding whether to press charges – has received the solidarity from national councillors of the Order of Journalists also members of the Movement Free Journalists, as well as that from friends and colleagues.

“Ms Ceste’s, which I had just interviewed, told me that her son-in-law was coming around with his four children to have lunch together. So I decided to wait for them”, she told Ossigeno. The journalist, when she saw Buoninconti, approached him to ask an interview, but the man first threw the operator’s camera to the ground, and then hit the journalist in the legs with a wooden object (see the Video broadcast by Pomeriggio5).

The journalist began to cover the Ceste case immediately after the woman’s disappearance from her home in Costigliole d’Asti, on the morning of January 24. Since then there have been no news of her. “The husband, who has never been investigated – Magli continues – spoke to reporters just a few days after the disappearance. I tried to approach him on several occasions but he has never wanted to talk to the press.”

The case is being investigated by the prosecution of Asti, which opened two files: one for voluntary departure and the other for incitement to suicide.


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