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Banca Carige. Announcement of complaints for those who spread “false news”

It was written by the agency in a statement released on October 29. The threat is generic but it puts on alert the local press and may have other objectives

Banca Carige has gone one step forward by announcing lawsuits in advance against those who spread false news “wherever these may come from.” A peculiar choice of action, that of the Ligurian bank, which decides to fire on everyone. The statement is placed at the tail of a document that announces a major commercial operation, an agreement with the Apollo Group for the sale of insurance operations. The last paragraph contains the warning: “If necessary, (the Bank) will protect its own reputation wherever required if facing the spreading of false, misleading and speculative, news, from whomever these may come from, in the interests of the regularity of the market, as much for the protection of employees, shareholders and customers of the Bank.”

According to the interpretation given by Primocanale.it, the online magazine that broke the news, the admonition of BancaCarige looks set not only against the press but also to the members of the Fondazione Carige who have criticized the management of the banking Institute following the negative results from the ECB stress tests conducted in the days before.


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