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Blogger corrects wrong news wrong, but Scilipoti files lawsuit

Domenico Condello had republished a newsreel from the ANSA news agency regarding the senator, in connection with an alleged corruption investigation, then denied and immediately corrected on the Blog

In March 2013, ANSA wrote that Domenico Scilipoti and Antonio Razzi, former MPs of the Italy of Values party, were under investigation for the offense of corruption, due to their passage to the centre-right coalition.

The denial by the prosecution of Rome came soon after, and immediately Condello, in his blog Stop Censura, rectified the news. In a post in which he denounced the incident, Condello emphasizes that he has “never been contacted by anyone from Scilipoti’s staff”, and adds: “I am facing a lawsuit for defamation simply for doing a copy and paste from the ANSA website, despite having published a denial the next day.”


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