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EFJ: on 5th November Stand Up for Journalism

The European Federation of Journalists has launched a day of action against media concentration in Europe, in defense of pluralism

On 5 November, the European Federation of Journalists is organising its 7th anniversary of the action day “Stand Up For Journalism”. This year, the EFJ has chosen to spotlight the growing concentration of media in Europe and its impact on the quality of journalism and the working conditions of journalists.

The EFJ Steering Committee is proposing to use the day to highlight the situation of journalists in an increasingly concentrated media environment. New actors including Google threaten not only media pluralism but increasingly the survival of many freelance journalists who often only face one media employer, especially at local level.

Media tycons have been buying media outlets and in many countries appear to exert media control. In virtually every country in eastern and southeast Europe, those involved in media are also involved in other businesses.  All of them influence editorial control or promote a political ideology.

The EFJ has prepared a campaign video that everyone can share on their website and social media sites about the impact of media concentration in Europe.

People can also use the hashtag #SUFJ on social media sites to spread the campaign.

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