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Mazara. “Mafioso piece of sh**”. Giacalone under trial for defamation

The widow sued the journalist for having harmed the reputation of the deceased mob boss. Letter of Solidarity from forty families of Mafia victims

On February 3rd, the Court of Trapani will judge the journalist RinoGiacalone accused of the crime of libel for having offended the reputation of the Mafia boss Mariano Agate. This was decided by the prosecutor Franco Belvisi, ordering the direct citation of the journalist.

The trial stems from a complaint by Ms Rosa Pace, widow of Mariano Agate, in relation to an article published on April 3rd, 2014 on the blog Malitalia in which Giacalone, a few days after the boss’s death, has reconstructed the criminal career of the brutal mob boss and concluded by comparing him to “a nice piece of sh**.

“A rant that, quite obviously, goes beyond the literal meaning and was made in attempt to infringe the blatant respect that the Mafiosi obtain through bullying and violence.

In March, forty families of victims of the Mafia had expressed solidarity with Giacalone and had published an open letter in which they asked the widow of the mob boss of Mazara del Vallo to withdraw the lawsuit and to dissociate herself from the criminal enterprises of her husband.

They also called on the judiciary to reject the “pretense of defending a good reputation that does not exist, an attempt to abuse the law by addressing intimidating messages against RinoGiacalone and all journalists.”


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