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New intimidation against Federica Angeli

It was announced by the editorial board of the La Repubblica in a statement published in the newspaper

The reporter from La Repubblica Federica Angeli, who has been living under police protection for more than a year following threats she received from the organized crime in the Lazio region, was again subjected to intimidation. In recent threats have been addressed against her children through the Facebook page of the journalist.

It was announced by the editorial board of the newspaper in a statement published on page 23 of November 4. Consequently, the colleagues explain, there was “the immediate raising of protection concerning her to the ‘second level’.

The entire newspaper is near her and has expressed solidarity with her, reiterating that La Repubblica and its journalists have never bowed, nor will they ever, in the face of fierce cowardice by anonymous perpetrators”. The journalist also has the solidarity of Ossigeno.


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