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Taranto. Breaks in TV studio during the News: Arrested

In a daze, he pretends to read a statement threatening the presenter with a toy gun. Arrested by police

He broke into the television studio of the broadcaster Studio 100 TV, in the town of Statte, near Taranto, with a gun that turned out to be a toy weapon.

CosimoCaforio, a 52 years old convicted felon, was arrested by police in the late afternoon of Tuesday, October 28. The man, in a daze, got himself in the TV studios closing the door from the inside and pretended to read a press release filled with ramblings (“I am the son of God”) and personal events that had led him to prison. The technical staff forced the door and stopped the aggressor while waiting for police agents to arrive.

The broadcast had in the meantime been suspended. The anchor, Rosalba De Giorgi, managed to remain calm by letting the man talk and resumed the News after the incident.

Caforio, carried away by the agents in an obvious state of agitation, was already subject to special surveillance and was known by the broadcaster because he had sometimes asked to speak with the director of the TV before.

The journalist and the broadcaster received numerous statements of solidarity.


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