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What is going on in Italy – Safety Net Ossigeno – 3rd-9th November2014

The 36th of 48 weekly reports created with the support of the European Union and distributed in eleven countries to promote a common awareness

Safety Net Ossigeno – Weekly Report 3rd-9thNovember 2014
What happened in Italy: threatened journalists and obscured news

The week that has just gone by, was a worrying one. Threats and intimidation of journalists are reported regularly by Ossigeno, but in recent days the sequence of episodes has been particularly rich: a group attack against a reporter in broad daylight, the burning of a car, the death threats against the children of a journalist already under police protection. Again: a police search with a request to delete pictures of two photojournalists who were at the stadium; there have also been the usual, inevitable lawsuits.

AGGRESSION – Enrico Barbetti, journalist for the Resto del Carlino, was beaten and kicked, suffering a fractured elbow, on November 8, at the end of an event of far-left groups against the visit of the Secretary of the Lega Nord partyMatteoSalvini to a camp of gypsies.

CAR BURNT DOWN – On October 31st the car of journalist AntonelloSagheddu was set on fire in La Maddalena (Olbia province). A surveillance camera has recorded a man – albeit not recognizable – while setting fire to the left front tire using a flammable liquid, the traces of which were found by the police.

DEATH THREATS – Federica Angeli, journalist for La Repubblica, under police protection for over a year, has received on her Facebook page death threats addressed to her children. It was announced by the editorial board of the newspaper in a statement published on the daily on November 4th.

SEARCHES – Shortly before the Serie A match between Napoli and Roma on November 1st, two photojournalists, Riccardo Siano (from La Repubblica) and Alessandro Garofalo (from Il Mattino), were stopped by the police while documenting security measures outside the San Paolo stadium in Naples. Searched and taken to the police station, they were asked to remove the photos. They mount some opposition, and after being released, they returned to the stage to continue their work.

TRIAL – Two journalists from Puglia, Angela Balenzano and Andrea Morrone, have been indicted by the Court of Bari for publishing the minutes of an interrogation of a suspect in 2009. The first is accused of handling stolen goods, the second of embezzlement and unauthorized computer access. They will go to court on December 1st. The Order and the journalists’ union of Puglia are protesting.

COMPLAINTS – RenataPolverini, MP for the Forza Italy party, announced a lawsuit against the daily Il FattoQuotidiano for an article of October 24th, in which her personal expenses made in July of 2013 in New York with the money of the UGL union, of which she was Secretary before moving into politics, have been listed.

BancaCarige pre-emptively announced lawsuits against those who spread false news, “wherever these come from.” According to the interpretation of Primocanale.it, the online magazine that broke the news, the warning seems destined not only to the press but also to the members of the FondazioneCarige, who have criticized the management of the banking institute following the negative results of the stress test conducted in the days before by the European Central Bank.

Who is dealing with many complaints is the weekly Altomilanese. Maria Teresa MattioniMaggiolini, majority shareholder of the magazine and a journalist, explains the difficulties experienced by her newspaper, on which a claim for damages of 250 thousand euros is pending, claimed by Mario Mantovani, vice president of the Lombardy Region and former mayor of Arconate.

TO THE ARCHIVES – The prosecutor of Padua has requested the dismissal of the lawsuit that the colonel of the Guardia di Finanza Bruno Biagi had filed against SigfridoRanucci, even before the tv show Report broadcasted the investigation titled L’Arena. The lawsuit was based on statements made by the journalist regarding the officer and secretly recorded. The prosecutor, however, found that the sound files had been tampered with.

Bologna. Journalist from Resto del Carlino attacked. Broken elbow
Enrico Barbetti was assaulted by members of a community centre, a few hours after the attack on the Secretary of the Lega Nord party MatteoSalvini, who wanted to visit an area where foreigners reside
(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, NOVEMBER 8 – A reporter from the Resto del Carlino was beaten and kicked at the end of the demonstration by the antagonists of Bologna who were protesting against the visit to a nomad camp by the secretary of the Northern League, MatteoSalvini, assaulting his car. (continue reading)

La Maddalena (Olbia province). Burned the car of a journalist
The flames against the reporter AntonelloSagheddu lighted on October 31st, at 4 o’clock in the morning. Solidarity from Assostampa and Order of Journalists, which announces an investigation
The car of Antonello Sagheddu, 60 years old journalist, was set on fire on Friday, October 31st in La Maddalena (in the province of Olbia), in the town’s centre. It was Sagheddu to notice the flames under his house, in via Balilla, at 4 am: thanks to his intervention the car was not destroyed. (continue reading)

New intimidation against Federica Angeli
It was announced by the editorial board of La Repubblica in a statement published in the newspaper
The reporter of the daily La Repubblica Federica Angeli, who has been living under police protection for over a year following threats received from the organized crime in Lazio, was again subjected to intimidation. In recent days threats have been addressed against her children through the journalist’s Facebook page. (continue reading)

Naples. Two photojournalists searched and taken to police station
The chroniclers of La Repubblica and Il Mattino stopped at the stadium before the match between Roma and Napoli, while recording security measures. Solidarity from Order of Journalists and UGIV
They were stopped by police while photographing security measures outside the San Paolo stadium in Naples, searched and then taken to the police station. (continue reading)

Bari. Two journalists on trial for news leak
Angela Balenzano and Andrea Morrone were indicted following the publication of the minutes of the interrogation of GianpaoloTarantini in September 2009
The journalists Angela Balenzano and Andrea Morrone will be tried by the judges of the First Criminal Department of the Court of Bari from Monday, December 1st. Both have been indicted by the Judge for the Preliminary Hearing Antonio Diella on charges of handling stolen goods, for Balenzano, and embezzlement and illegal computer access, for Morrone. (continue reading)

Defamation. Renata Polverini files lawsuit against Il Fatto Quotidiano
It was announced by the former UGL Secretary, rejecting the thesis presented by article on alleged expenses charged to the UGL
Renata Polverini, MP for Forza Italy party, announced a lawsuit against the daily Il FattoQuotidianofor an article of October 24, in which the list with her personal expenses made in July of 2013 in New York with the money of the UGL union, of which she had been Secretary before turning to politics, was published. (continue reading)

BancaCarige. Announcement of complaints for those who spread “false news”
The news was published by the Back in a statement released on October 29. The threat is generic but is has put on alert the local press and may have other objectives
Banca Carige took one step forward by announcing in advance lawsuits against those who spread false news “from wherevere these may come”. (continue reading)

Lombardy. Lawsuits are threatening Altomilanese
The majority shareholder of the local weekly recounts the perennial difficulties that the magazine faces
Mayors who write letters in which they complain that the newspaper speaks ill of them; specious lawsuits that judges deem consistently inconsistent; civil cases with claims that threaten to shut down the news outlet: these are the problems for a lot of local press, small in size but very numerous and fundamental reference point for citizens to know what is happening in the territory. (continue reading)

Padua. Prosecutor asks filing of lawsuit against Ranucci (Report)
The action of the former commander of the GdF against the journalist from the RaiTre show was based on audio recordings that proved to be tampered
The prosecutor of Padua asked the filing of the lawsuit that the colonel of the Guardia di Finanza Bruno Biagi had filed against SigfridoRanucci even before the TV show Report was able to broadcast the investigation titled L’Arena. (continue reading)


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