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Albano. Aggression and scuffle in the city council

Insults and jostling against the reporter of Il Caffè. He is first attacked by the brother of a councillor, and then by the sister-in-law. Three days of prognosis and camera on the ground

Assaulted twice by the relatives of a majority councillor of the municipal council of the City of Albano Laziale (in the province of Rome), while the Council was debating the regulation that would have sanctioned the norms for the presence of mobile phone receivers in the municipal area. Daniele Castri, correspondent of the fortnightly local magazine Il Caffè, was repeatedly hit, insulted and jostled during the turbulent sessions on November 19th and 20th. Result: camera thrown to the ground and three days of prognosis.

The first attack dates back to the Council meeting on November 19th. After addressing a question to the councillor of the PRC Salvatore Tedone, the journalist was faced by the councillor’s brother with threats and shoves. In convening the council the next day, November 20th, Castri was taking some photos during a heated argument between Tedone and some people in the room, when this time the councillor’s sister-in-law and another person hurled against him. The numerous hits inflicted first resulted in the camera to be dropped, and then forced the reporter to go to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a three-day prognosis. Castri has not pressed charges.


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