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Another warning against PinoManiàci: they hanged his dogs

Telejato was concentrating its attention on drug trafficking and on the management of mafia-confiscated companies. Order of Journalists and UNCI seek protection for journalists

Yet another intimidation against Pino Maniàci of Telejato. And this one was especially cruel. His two dogs, Billy and Cherie, a Belgian shepherd and a setter, were found hanged to a fence near the broadcaster, in Partinico (in the province of Palermo). “There are no words to describe the wickedness of people – the TV broadcaster released in a statement – but we are not stopping.”

The event took place on the afternoon of December 3rd. Telejato recently denounced the increase in drug trafficking and irregularities in the management of companies confiscated from the mafia. The UNCI and the Order of Journalists of Sicily express solidarity to Maniàci and seek the intervention of the police to ensure the safety of journalists.


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