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Bologna. The story of the assault on Barbetti

The journalist recounts how the attack took place on November 8th, shortly after the visit by Salvini, and analyses the various currents of the movement in Bologna

It began with intimidation and shouts, but it went on with being pushed around and kicked. Enrico Barbetti, reporter for the daily Il Resto del Carlino, tells of the attack he suffered on the morning of Saturday, November 8th, by a group of anarchic antagonists, on the side-lines of the visit by MatteoSalvini in Bologna. Meanwhile, the investigations by the police are close to identifying the attackers: apparently they are antagonist militants that also claimed the attack on the web. Calls for solidarity have come to the reporter from many members of the student movement.

“The clash between Salvini and the social centres was over and I was going back to the office, while making a phone call: I found myself alone and I met a group of 15-20 young people, all belonging to the antagonist sphere, who recognized me” Barbetti told Ossigeno. They then began surrounding him: “Some of them began to scream my name and insult me. So they followed me and scoffed again”. The reporter then called the police: “My attackers started kicking me and trying to make me fall, until I eventually did on the ground, ending up with a fractured left elbow”.


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