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Caserta. Journalist Palmesano was removed following clan boss’s orders

Palmesano was collaborating with the Corriere di Caserta until 2003. According to the judges, he was removed under pressure from the boss of Pignataro Maggiore, Vincenzo Lubrano

The journalist Enzo Palmesano was removed in 2003 from the Corriere di Caserta on behest of the powerful boss of Pignataro Maggiore “Don” Vincenzo Lubrano, who pressured, also thorugh an associate of his, on the then editor of the daily GianluigiGuarino. It says so the judgment issued on November 28th by the Second Criminal Section of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, which also sentenced to two years’ imprisonment (albeit suspended sentence) Lubrano’s acquired grandson, Francesco Cascella, for domestic violence with aggravating Camorra circumstances against Palmesano.

The Court has responded to allegations made by the magistrates of the anti-mafia department of Naples, in the context of the investigation called “Operation Calenus” (2009) against the gang Lubrano-Ligato. According to these allegations, the removal of Palmesano sprang from the desire of the clan’s boss to “create a vacuum” around the “bothersome journalist”, who made inquiries on the Camorra of Pignataro Maggiore, a location considered “the Switzerland of Clans”; the case was followed at the time by Ossigeno.


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