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Caserta. La7 journalist threatened with a stick

Annalisa Perla was chased down by one of the squatters of the royal park. The man had told her to go away. Passers by intervened

The journalist for the TV show L’Aria che tira (aired on La7) was threatened on October 19 as she tried to interview the thirteen families who live in the Royal Palace of Caserta without authorization. One squatter, after warning her to go away, chased her down with a stick. The man was then stopped and calmed down by some passers-by. The journalist has not filed a complaint nor has she called the police

As the journalist explained: “I just wanted to ask those who lived in the houses nearby if they were aware of the investigation underway and what they thought about it.”

Following a previous inquiry broadcast in June during the same TV show, L’AriacheTira, the Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Maria Capua Vetere opened an investigation into the illegal squatting by former retired employees of the National Heritage Ministry or their heirs of the little houses that are located within the park.

The issue has, furthermore, seen the bouncing around of responsibilities: from the superintendent to other bodies, such as the State Property, with a clear lack of culprit seeking.


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