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“La Stampa”. Lawsuit and citation against the Order of Journalists for discriminatory articles

An association will denounce Massimo Gramellini – who is rejecting the accusations – and will ask the Order for an issue of censorship against the editor Calabresi and two other journalists

The Institute of Sinti culture “SucarDrom” of Mantua announced a lawsuit against Massimo Gramellini and, along with the Osservatorio Articolo 3, a complaint to the Order of Journalists of Piedmont against the deputy editor of La Stampa, the reporters LudovicoPoletto and Antonio Pitoni and the editor of the newspaper Mario Calabresi. The Turin daily is accused of publishing discriminatory articles against the residents of an equipped field for Roma in Borgaro (near Turin).

SucarDrom, which defends the rights of the Roma and Sinti communities, will ask for an issue of censorship for an alleged breach of the code of ethics of journalists, referring to articles and comments regarding the request to change the line 69 of the local public transport. The change, proposed by the Mayor of Borgaro following the protests of passengers that suffered harassment on the bus by some young people, would deprive the route of the bus stop to the field.


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