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Lecce. The Calvary of being defamed. Nine years for the acquittal on appeal

The publisher Pagliaro sued Marilù Mastrogiovanni in 2005. But a request for 260 thousand euros in damages and a complaint to the Order is still pending

Nine years after the facts, in Lecce, the judgment in which the Court acquitted the journalist Marilù Mastrogiovanni from the accusation of libel “because the crime does not exist”, was upheld on appeal.

The prosecutor Antonio De Donno, following a complaint by Paolo Pagliaro, publisher of the TV channel Telerama, made the accusation. However a claim for damages of 260 thousand euros and a complaint to the Order of Journalists of Bari presented by the same Pagliaro are still pending.

In 2005 the publisher sued the journalist feeling defamed by her investigation entitled “Pagliaro, the virtual empire.” In the articles, Mastrogiovanni had reported a series of illegalities perpetrated by the publisher. Among them: social security contributions not paid for journalists, unauthorized building alterations in the brodcaster’s headquarters, non-registration of newspapers, non-disclosure of responsible editors.


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